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Regina M. Callion MSN, RN  
NCLEX Instructor, Author, & Founder of ReMar Review
LIVE Materials 
2 Days In-class with Instructor Regina MSN, RN  

NCLEX Live Student Workbook, Quick Facts for NCLEX  

30 Days access to ReMar NCLEX Online Academy 

Student PDF Workbook, Daily Homework, NCLEX Ready Exams

Student Check-in and gather review materials​
Orientation into Lecture I
How to Pass NCLEX Studying Core Content ​
Lecture II & III
NCLEX Core Content Lecture
Lunch Break 
Bring your own lunch or use nearby dining locations​
Lecture IV into NCLEX Questions 
Cont. Core Content ​Lecture and 
Student Assignments with Q&A
  • Individual student Q & A with NCLEX Instructor
  • Day 1 Homework | Day 2 Enable Online Access
End Session
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Student Testimonials 
I passed NCLEX with 85 questions on my first try . Yay!! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because your review was my sole supply for studying ! It helped me out tremendously & I can't be thankful enough . Oh , & my friend also attended your review with me (Renea) & passed NCLEX on the first try with 90 questions !!
Nurse R. LaKeece
I took first time Nclex in March I got all 265 questions after 6 hours I finished and failed I was so disappointed didn't know how to study for it. Than I saw ReMar review on Facebook and that they will have live review option I decided to take it. I have to say that this review helped me so much. I took Nclex last week and I passed with 75 question!!!! I can finally say that I am RN. Thank you Regina:)
‎Nurse Urszula Ula RN
Thank you for your class I believed it did help out. I passed my NCLEX-RN with 75 question I had about 20-30 SATA
‎Nurse Joe Pete RN
NCLEX Self Study Program
Our DVD Self Study Program provides the same information as our live reviews from the convenience of your home.    

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